Oops, there it is

We missed it.

We thought the other candidate would get the nod. We were wrong.

From the "Jungle" to the clusterfuck.

Missouri Southern today hired Cassie Mathes as the new, better looking Rod Surber. Surber, of course, got the fate of a major league baseball player being “designated for assignment.” He became director of web content. Which is what Mathes did for Pittsburg State University most recently.

Cool. At least the constant reach of athletics has been stemmed for a time.

So what do we know about the new U flack? Not much. All we have is from the university press release, which will turn into the forthcoming Joplin Globe “story” on the hiring.

Mathes is a Southern graduate, which helps. She recently worked in a functional higher education environment at PSU, which helps. And she seems to have her shit together, which helps.

Unfortunately, she walks into a tough situation.

Two jobs that are bloody, a mess and you never want to have:

  • Civil War battlefield surgeon
  • Bruce Speck’s PR person

Think about this. Poor Mathes walks into a situation where she will have to spin (based on history) a university that censors, hires felons, does not vet coaches and more!

She comes to a place where a then-Bored of the Governors member once made a homophobic slur and the other governors tried to keep it out of the press.

We won’t go on. Just sayin’ that here she will have to have her hard hat on to spin the Dream Team.


11 Responses to Oops, there it is

  1. Ignorance is Bliss says:

    I knew Cassie as a fellow student back in my MSSC (because that’s what it was called then) days. She was a nice enough girl, but not the brightest bulb in the pack. She also worked at the Joplin Globe for a time writing fluffy features about people getting married, they had some corny love story name or such. Like I said, nice girl, but I wouldn’t want her running my PR office, espeically when 90 percent of it is damage control.

    • Andrea says:

      Yeah, I knew her, too, and also attended MSSC at that time. She wrote mostly fluff, like you said, and I don’t believe she got any serious PR experience at PSU (then again, I don’t recall PSU having any real scandals in recent history).

  2. The Slant & Twist says:

    Not the brightest bulb in the box is an understatement, try a few cans short of a six pack.

    I thought photos added 50 pounds, this must be where the opposite is true and it shedded 150 or so.

    Hopefully she brings a positive attitude, all the twists and slants she’ll need to run with will test patience.

    • Ignorance is Bliss says:

      Oh, now, I was leaving out the fact that the photo makes her look a lot thinner than I remember her being. It’s quite possible she changed her diet and is just a lot healthier now. Once again, I’ll say she is a very nice person, she’s probably just stepped into the most overwhelming job of her life, for which she is ill-prepared and poorly suited. I see her more doing PR for a flower shop or a nursery school or a summer camp (except for that Christian one over in Branson or wherever that keeps hiring pedophiles).

  3. one of the downtrodden says:

    Not to worry. They’ll tell her what to say.

  4. John Doe says:

    You people are disgusting. Here is a Missouri Southern graduate who has worked her way up the ladder at a school that does a very good job w/PR and marketing and now wants to come back to work at her alma mater. And what are your comments? Idiotic speculation about how she didn’t get “any serious PR experience at PSU”, wrote fluff pieces while at Southern and mean-spirited weight jokes. Hope you people sleep well at night.

  5. one of the downtrodden says:

    John Doe you are obviously not well enough versed in the recent history of MSSU. We expect more of the same every time they do something and we get more of the same every time. She will have more than enough chances to prove us wrong. Disgusted? Stop reading. And I for one sleep quite well thank you.

  6. Pinktigress says:

    Political correctness is not necessary here, and PR requires a tough hide. Get over it, John D.

  7. Don Draper says:

    Sheep to the wolves…………..

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