Just a quote tonight. Google it. Please.

So, you have NCAA infractions issues? Cool. You should see who we hire to teach accounting.

More to come tomorrow evening, but just do some on your own for this one:

Did we have reservations? No. Did we talk about it? Certainly.  We talked about all to these things with her…she’s a heck of a coach, a Missouri Southern alumn… she was always interested in coming back here. It’s not like we’re recruiting coaches from other schools.

Jared B Not Good on the hiring of Jamie Green

Let’s just say that LL Cool J-Red has made another of many MSSU questionable hires. And this one leaves her past employer under a cloud.

We will have more tomorrow on how athletics can do just about anything it wants.

Fucking incredible.


One Response to Just a quote tonight. Google it. Please.

  1. Lady Chatterley says:

    The Joplin Globe has the story in today’s paper, but of course not a single word about Green’s problems with the NCAA. And this is a paper that’s up for a Pulitzer?

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