Hijacking a legacy

If you build it, I will take credit.

In a cost-saving measure, perhaps Missouri Southern could shutter some buildings.

Let’s pull the plug on the Mayes Student Life Center. We should shut down Webster Hall. Leggett & Platt is a fine facility, but we can do without that. And for good measure, let’s close down East Hall and the Beimdiek Recreation Center. The Health Sciences Building must go, too.

Imagine if we actually impacted Missouri Southern’s footprint in such a way. Imagine if we gutted the most student-centric facilities we have.

Imagine if we were Missouri Southern State College. Imagine if we had never dared to pursue a statewide mission in international education.

These were all built, planned and/or conceived under Dr. Julio Leon.

Dr. Bruce Speck got to cut ribbons on the BSRC and the HSB. But they weren’t his ideas. And George and Amelia Beimdiek didn’t donate their money while RTV was here. Leon’s guts, Speck’s glory.

Who knows how Leon would have handled this budget pickle. But he was always willing to go to Jefferson City and fight for MSSU.

We have heard from some that RTV wants to wipe Leon off the face of the MSSU landscape. Well that is a tall order and damn near impossible.

He may have worn tailored suits to basketball games, but he always tried to keep the shirt on the back of faculty and staff. And he grew this university even after he had left.

And he never sang about layoffs or furloughs.


One Response to Hijacking a legacy

  1. Ignorance is Bliss says:

    Why have they never named East Hall. Many years ago alumni got together and got the college agree to name all of the residence halls after former faculty and staff. I can think of two that would be very deserving of having a building named after them. Julio Leon or Richard Massa. It would be fitting for two men that gave their all to the University for many years.

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