He’s an athletic supporter!

He bleeds green and gold, but his nose sure is brown.

When it comes to finding people to raise the dough, Jo Jo will a go go to the ends of the earth to find a major gifts officer.

Or at least across the street.

The University has just announced that associate director of athletics for external relations (whatever the fuck that is) Kevin Greim is joining the Missouri Southern Foundation April 9.

The hire continues to show the increasing clout being wielded by athletic supporters over in Leggett & Platt. In making the hire, the U touted Greim’s creation and spearheading of Southernfest and his coordination of the MU and MSU exhibition basketball games. But this is the big time, Greim. You will have to raise huge amounts just to get the large Plaster donation matching money to kick in.

And we know what that is for.

The question is really getting begged here, though. Is this an indication that Southern’s fund raising efforts are going to focus on athletics over academics and capital projects? Will Greim be able to use his golden throat to suck money out of big donors when sports aren’t involved?

Here is some fun information not found in the press release. According to the 2011-2012 Missouri State Manual (Blue Book), Greim makes $44,992 per year. In her previous position, Graffam made $52,000. KG just got a $7,000 pay bump.

How does that sit with the rank and file?

We don’t know. Maybe Greim is the best person for the job, but like with Jo Jo, Rob Yust, Darren Fullerton, etc., it looks like patronage from above.

But who knows? Maybe it will free up a parking space for Coach Corn.


One Response to He’s an athletic supporter!

  1. Joe says:

    I wish Kevin the best. He’ll be a tough act to follow as the voice of the Lions. I just hope he doesn’t focus on Plaster matching money for athletic facilities to the exclusion of other areas like academics.

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