Southernwatch is ready to project a winner

In the race to be the next Rod Surber.

Wait. There can only be one Rod Surber. Eternal Asshat that he is, he got fucked.

These are the earliest and most incomplete returns, but we are ready to project a winner in the race to become the next Director of University Relations and Marketing, where ever it may be housed. Eventually. When it gets kicked out of the Regional Center and shit.

Southernwatch Projected Winner

The Watch projection is:

Miranda Lewis, the media/promotions coordinator at St. John’s Regional Medical Center.

Exit polls indicate that she is a PR professional with good looks and a Joplin tornado story. Lewis is also married to Aaron Lewis, who is a MSSU employee in, wait for it, the athletic department.

In a June 2011 story for the Evangel University website, Lewis talks about the faith she will need to get her through working here.

 “The compassion that EU embodies and has taught me has allowed me to really open up my arms to the people I am working with and serving.”

She also says she is strengthened by the prayers she is receiving from Evangel every day.

“Not everyone can say that about their college experience,” she says.

No shit. Just ask the faculty who are about to lose their jobs. And then consider that she will have to sell that.

Just watch.


6 Responses to Southernwatch is ready to project a winner

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    In other words, she will walk into the job with her eyes super glued shut.

  2. SNAFU says:

    RTV/TFO (now dubbed Bacon Fat) loves the tornado. He thinks he had something to do with the heroic efforts of many in the MSSU community who responded to that disaster in an effective and heroic fashion. MSSU administration is conducting a national search for this director, aren’t they? Is that a transparent process? I guess we’ll never know with the Chart/Globe cabal.

  3. Kate says:

    Wait–what happened to Rod??? Don’t assume we are all in the good info flow even though we are faithful readers!

  4. Kate says:

    I guess that’s the admin version of “felt a burning need to return to the classroom” Thanks

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