Let me tell ya, it’s better than diggin’ a ditch

Far out, man.

A Watch reader has told us something, that if true, is hilarious.

Does Bruce W. Speck, Ph.D, and six-figure salary, expense his car washes?

Jesus, if this is true, he is potentially the biggest dickhead in the world. And he had a good case beforehand.

Think about this. RTV has his car paid for. He gets his car insurance paid for. He gets his gasoline (have fun with this one, please) paid for.

And while the rest of us stuff quarters in the machine and have to decide whether we want to do the spotless rinse, Bruce gets the big treatment with the undercoat shit. And charges it to you.

And you might not have a job. Still, taxpayer, Simonize.

Is this true, though?

Well, it could be proven or disproven through a FOIA request for RTV’s expenses. But we are betting that spelling bees and other such matters occupy The Globe. And we are pretty sure that The Chart doesn’t want another meeting with university attorneys.

The past few days, we have tried to put an intellectual look on things. To point out the numbers and let everyone make up their own mind. But if this guy is so callous to expense car washes while determining the fates of university employees, then we will go asshole again.

Someone find out.  Got any balls left, Chart?


4 Responses to Let me tell ya, it’s better than diggin’ a ditch

  1. Andrea says:

    The Globe is really a joke. It’s a shame what happened to the Chart, but I kind of hold the Globe to a higher standard, I guess, since it’s not student-run. Maybe that’s my mistake. But the Globe is too busy kissing ass and trying not to piss off advertisers to actually dig around for any information. And of course, now they’re patting themselves on the back for winning an award. Tell me, who else in that group could have won the award, anyway? They reported the tornado because they had to–what, were they going to ignore it? The stories were sad; still are. The pictures were powerful. There was no way anyone else was going to beat them this year, but that doesn’t mean that their tornado coverage, which was quality stuff, is comparable to the kind of investigative reporting that they ought to be doing (and which they are failing to do, time and time again…not only when it comes to MSSU, but also when it comes to the city and tornado funds and Joplin R8, etc., etc.) I mean, it’s not like all that destruction and loss of life and property was any mystery that needed solving–they just reported what happened and didn’t really have to dig around looking for answers because, duh, it was a tornado. You guys and the Turner Report might be our last hope when it comes to actually finding information. Scary thought.

  2. Kate says:

    Actually, the tornado coverage done by the Kansas City paper was far superior to the Globe’s–so even when they get a big story handed to them, their work is second-rate. No surprise they aren’t doing a decent job with the shenanigans at MSSU.

    • Andrea says:

      Ooh, I forgot about the good coverage in the Star. I especially liked their story about the construction methods of the big box stores and how that probably made things worse for the ones who took cover there.

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