Money. It’s a gas.

New car, caviar, four-star daydream
Think I'll buy me a football team

With apologies to Pink Floyd, we have been humming that catchy little ditty all afternoon.

You see, the Missouri House is taking up the appropriations bills today. All 13 of those. Including HB 2003, which is the measure covering higher education.

We know The Chart and the Globe are probably all over this, because they have their fingers on the pulse of the U, but we thought we’d give you some numbers to think about. Tomorrow, we might know what the lower chamber in Jefferson City sends to the Senate. Then we can analyze.

For fiscal year 2013 (FY13), the House Committee bill coming to the floor today recommends $22,766,335 for Missouri Southern. That amount includes dollars from the state’s general revenue fund, the state’s lottery proceeds fund and the state’s debt escrow fund.

In contrast, our sister school Missouri Western’s recommendation in the bill is for $20,995,378 from the same sources.

It is important to note that should the House approve the bill as is and send it to the Senate, that body will likely amend it within its appropriations committee. The differences would then be hammered out in a joint conference committee before final passage. Then it has to get the governor’s signature.

What we are saying is, these are early numbers. But since no reporters or administrators are giving you the information, we will.

We have heard repeatedly that this is the year that appropriations fall off the cliff. So how does MSSU’s recommended appropriation stack up at this stage of the process compared to previous years?

Last year at this stage of the legislative process, the House Appropriations Committee sent the bill to the floor with a MSSU recommendation of $22,641,335. Western, in comparison, was slated for $20,870,378.

Notice that the proposed FY12 appropriation at this stage was less that the one for FY13 being taken up today. In fairness, the final appropriation agreed to and sent to the governor was fixed at $22,960,800. And Gov. Jay Nixon, we believe, reduced that later. Articles in The Chart and The Joplin Globe have cited administration sources as saying this year’s (FY12) ended up around $22.1 million.

Here are the numbers for several previous years (House Comm. Rec./Amt. approved by Gov.). Again note that later reductions/withholdings from the governor’s office are not reflected here:







Those are the raw numbers but they are publicly and easily available. We got all of these online over lunch at McDonalds. Imagine what a reporter could do.

Tomorrow, we will try to put it in context for you.


4 Responses to Money. It’s a gas.

  1. Just another numbers person says:

    For my (limited) funds, you can’t beat the $5 Brown (Barf) Bag Lunch at Hardee’s.

    After luch today, we meandered over to Target (around 3 p.m.) and guess who did we spy dodging raindrops in a Fedora with a license plate MSSU 001? You guessed it, as you dub him the Fedora’d One, is ACTUALLY numbered 1.

    However, I would like to suggest a new moniker, President Bruce Speck, Agent Double-O 1, License to Kill … news from MSSU, the budget, staff morale, momentum, perhaps even eliminate positions. One deadly assasin. Bond 007 has nothing on Speck 001.

    As a bean counter, our questions are, who paid for the presidents ride? Is that part of his compensation package or sponsorship tradeout? Is it his ride or MSSU property? Who paid for the license plate? MSSU or himself? Obviously, we did not take advantage of the WiFi at Hardee’s to seek answers to these and other burning questions.

    Although we all want to know … Yet, I wonder, yet I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?

    • Your answer is this:
      The Fedora’d One gets a car and gasoline as part of his contract. He also gets a car allowance.
      Think on that one. You make way less, yet he has no car payment and no rent. Talk about fucking welfare.
      And, in fairness, that is what universities have done in the past. But didn’t this ass fuck tell us we have to re-think the academy? How about re-thinking the top heavy pay structure and perks?

  2. SNAFU says:

    MSSU pays. Even for his car washes, for which he actually requests reimbursement.

  3. Foofram says:

    I’m dying to know… what kinda car did they get RTV? Our interim president drives a “mid” level Mercedes, but it’s the same one he bought himself when he was the University Counsel.

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