Budget crisis? What budget crisis?

Hearnes Hall

Missouri Southern’s Bored of the Governors heard Friday about the luxurious new digs that Bruce and O.M. and Jo Jo will soon get to enjoy.

Hearnes Hall renovations are nearing completion, the Bored learned.

Of course, the Bored will say we are piling on and that this is merely an overdue remodel of existing facilities. Once again, the best source is the idiots’ own words. This is a description from the university’s own press release:

Enter (sic) the building from the east side, students and visitors will be greeted by a terrazzo floor, a composite material poured in place or precast, with a green and gold Lion head set in the floor in the center of the spacious, multi-story atrium.  The main corridor will feature a cloud ceiling with frosted glass walls lining both sides with glass doors that open into each suite.  Next to each entrance will be a flat-screen TV monitor that will stream continuous live information and announcements.

Maybe those flat-screen TV monitors can give us some straight answers about what programs and people this group of shitheads plans to cut.


2 Responses to Budget crisis? What budget crisis?

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    This is not a remodel of existing facilities. This is an ostentatious display of a narcissistic mind. Are we surprised??? NOOOO. Meanwhile people haven’t had a raise in years, departments can’t buy pencils and programs and people are being cut right and left. The word shameful comes to mind.

  2. Just another numbers person says:

    Pay attention to the last two entries from the latest edition of SI:


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