CNHI Newspaper of the Year breaks another one

I look even crazier with my head shaved.

The Joplin Globe has once again blown the lid off a story.

The area newspaper of record ran the press release about “volunteer” women’s basketball assistant coach Jimmy Graffam (forevermore referred to as Tennessee. Get it?) verbatim. That doesn’t surprise us. Jim Henry sleeps through his own shits. But what is so hilarious is the headline.

Veteran Graffam joins Southern women’s basketball staff

Not something like this:

Highly qualified motherfucker is working for free

Hell, we know the only reason this is anywhere near the radar of the tornado-milking Globe (Sorry, but it is true) is that Bruce and LL Cool J Buzzcut need some help. And Micheal Beatty was ready to lend a hand.

The Watch first pointed out Graffam’s hiring earlier this week and that got some tongues wagging.

So Buzzcut and crew went into damage control and issued a really comical press release about coaching changes and “volunteers.” And, of course, The Globe picked it up and gave it that comedic headline.

Hey, Graffam IS  a veteran coach. And he has joined the staff. But his connection to the administration does need a wee little look.

First of all, the initial bio we linked to said he was married to Jo Ann Hollis and did not disclose her position at Missouri Southern or her married name. That is our problem. Sneaking Jimmy in the back door is classic Bruce. And then issuing a post-disclosure press release about “volunteer” coaches is hilarious.

If the guy is qualified, tout him from the start. If not, don’t hire him.

It’s simple shit. But now you have made a decorated basketball coach Jimmy instead of Jim and a question mark instead of an exclamation point. He is a punchline instead of a positive.

Another botched opportunity.

BTW, Thanks for reading, administration assholes. We are watching you.



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