Well that’s nice

You're not fired. You are a new volunteer!

Apparently, the Missouri Southern athletics department reads The Watch.

Today, in a carefully crafted press release, LL Cool-J Buzzcut let the word go forth from his time and place (of inadequacy), that Jimmy Graffam is a “volunteer.”

Hey, we are cool with Maryann Mitts’ characterization of Jimmy’s resume. He is qualified. But it is fishy. And we eliminated a paid position for a “volunteer” whose wife just recently got a big promotion and pay raise.

Look, the poor bastard is probably in his 50s and his star is tied to his wife. And there is nothing wrong with coming to your wife’s home town and using your skills to help out. And we support Jimmy in his athletic/philanthropic designs.

But we ask this one little, bitty question in two parts.

Why didn’t the U announce such a cool hiring of a highly qualified “volunteer” immediately? Just for the PR potential?

“We have a three-time Hall of Fame coach joining our staff just to make the Lions that much better!” they could have said.

Or did The Watch catch you with your pants down?  Shitting audibly in your personal bathroom. And called you on it.

Maybe it is “post hoc ergo propter hoc,” but it smells funny.

But, for now, Jimmy works for food.


One Response to Well that’s nice

  1. Lady Chatterley says:

    Some questions remain. Will MSSU replace Tyrone Jones, who was fired in mid-season, with a paid assistant? Does Graffam receive anything as a volunteer assistant? Knowing Speck and Bruggeman as I do, they will likely make Graffam the paid assistant at some point without any formal announcement.

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