Where have you gone, Assolano?

Greg Grisolano once hit on 56 straight FOIA requests. Then Cleveland Indians third sacker Michael Beatty robbed him.

Today is the perfect storm at Missouri Southern.

First, we note that the Bored of the Governors meets today and begins its two-day circle jerk, er, retreat. You never know what will happen at these. Remember the 2010 “Fag Lion” blast?

Second it is the end of National Sunshine Week and James Madison’s birthday. (Madison is widely regarded as the father of the First Amendment).

Third, since it is the Friday closest to or on Madison’s March 16 birthday, it is Freedom of Information Act Day.

Feel free to  file something with your local custodian of records. At MSSU that is Bored of the Governors and presidunce secretary Sharon Odem.

Full disclosure: We only know this because a reader sent us a screen shot of deposed Chart adviser T.R. Hanrahan’s Facebook status noting FOIA day. Which is just another juicy irony.

Look on the bright side. Tomorrow we have a license to get real drunk.


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