Speaking of questions…

Riddle us these, Butt Brains.

Question One:

Did the University ever create search committees for the Director of University Relations and Marketing and/or the Major Gifts Officer when Jo Jo a Go Go was promoted to Estella the Hun and pushed Rod Surber aside?

We don’t recall that announcement. Way to be transparent. Which brings us to…

Question Two:

Remember that emergency Bored of the Governors meeting several weeks ago where “no action was taken” but they  later said that they took a vote on promotion considerations but had to wait on a legal opinion thereby making the action legal but morally reprehensible?

You see the vote wasn’t “action” until the U attorney said O.K. Once he/she/it said O.K., it was “action.” This got them around the Sunshine Law’s 72-hour reporting deadline requirement technically speaking. So saying no action was taken wasn’t a fucking lie. Technically speaking.

Question Three:

How much does the University pay in consulting fees each year?

Randy Turner pointed out the crave way the U is spending $500,000 over three years for a consulting firm to boost enrollment. Don’t we also pay a hefty sum for consultants on the University’s master plan? What else are we paying for? So…

Question Four:

How the  fuck does Kyna Iman have a job? Lobbyists are paid for results and from where we sit, we ain’t getting any.


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