We don’t have tote bags, but…

Operators are waiting for your calls, emails, smoke signals, etc.

Here is the deal. We don’t know how much more we can keep this going.

It isn’t money, mind you. It is something much more precious that is threatening our bringing you informed satire on a daily basis.

What we need is information.

Lately, our page views have been at an all-time high. Which is weird. Because Randy Turner is getting things like the all-staff email about promotions when we aren’t. And we are on campus. He isn’t.

Our sources have gone dark. Or tell us things but won’t give us the documentation. Or have gone to The Turner Report. The latter of which is fine. RT does a pretty good job and it is good to see him reengage.  But we need information and intelligence or we can’t keep going. And if Turner will pick things up, fine.

We can’t just pick on the poor Chart every week.

For years, through many incarnations, you all found us and got us good info. Now, we don’t hear a peep.

So here is our pledge drive: Start helping us out again or we will just go away. We have classes, jobs, families and significant others. This is a gig we do for fun, so we need you to help.


2 Responses to We don’t have tote bags, but…

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    Given the climate around the entire campus I’m not surprised that people aren’t talking. Nobody trusts anybody. If you talk to somebody they could be a plant looking to further their own agenda. News travels fast in hell. How about if you post a contact email address to the top of the home page where those who read the Watch are able to easily find where they can send info or leads or whatever.

  2. Lady Chatterley says:

    The annual Phoneathon also uses a consultant to hire the callers, develop the calling list and write the script for the callers. Why can’t MSSU do anything in-house any more?

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