Our opening night notice for The Chart (this week)

You guys ain't it.

A much-anticipated and heralded edition of The Chart hit stands today, but it didn’t hit the right notes.

While the campus anticipated the hard-hitting lead story on safe spring break kits, it came out flat.

The hard-missing story on the hiring of a consulting firm to boost enrollment elicited from the audience yet a greater sucking sound. The cost of the service was mentioned not at all, leaving the audience wanting much, much more.

But the classic of this coup de crap is the paper’s editorial.

In case you haven’t seen it, and we mean “seen” it, let us clue you in.  It wasn’t “written.” It was fucking scanned.

The Chart took a Facebook thread about President Obama’s JHS commencement address, added a one-paragraph take from its Facebook account, captured the screen and called it a day.

There is lazy and then there is criminally, obnoxiously lazy. They probably think it is cutting edge. It is cutting, all right. It is cutting corners. It is cutting and pasting. It isn’t an editorial. And it insults readers.

The Chart might not like our take on its effort this week. That is a shame. We are sure that review of “Chicago!” went over pretty well in the theatre department, too.

Randy Turner is right. You guys have been deballed.


One Response to Our opening night notice for The Chart (this week)

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    I wondered why spring break kits took the headline away from a presidential visit. Like him or hate him he is still the President of the US.
    The reporter who did the review of “Chicago” must have slept through it. It was one of the better productions the Theater Department has done. It really was fantastic.

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