Bully much?

If you know what's good for ya...

Today will kind of be a Special Chart Edition of The Watch.

Three people have told us that representatives of the campus newspaper were asked to meet with a university attorney to discuss what we assume are Freedom of Information Act requests we have learned the paper has submitted.


If The Chart is not entitled to the documents under the Sunshine Law, just deny them and tell them why. If they are entitled to them, then turn the stuff over. Pretty simple.

So why get an attorney involved?

Intimidation, pure and simple. This group of students isn’t as experienced as last year’s group. And that is fine, but Speck & Co. is betting that someone with esq. in his or her title will have them worried.

There are a few words for that. Bully. Intimidation. Bluff.

Because it is bullshit. And RTV is shit of a more fowl variety.


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