How is it that we compete, not cooperate with Crowder?

While other institutions, in some cases private ones, are inking cooperative deals with two year colleges to increase enrollment, Missouri Southern is firing people and spending money like a freshman on a Captain Morgan jag.

While MSSU is, according to The Turner Report, spending big bucks on consultants to boost enrollment, some schools are inking cooperative agreements that provide a steady stream of butts in the seats.

One such school is William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo. The private, liberal arts school has partnered with the Kansas City area Metropolitan Community Colleges to establish dual admissions and articulation agreements.

Those MCC students are already enrolled at WJC. And Jewell is drawing from a major two-year college system’s pool of students.

Southern barely talks to Crowder. And if such a private/public partnership is possible, why not reach out to Cottey College in Nevada, Mo.?

Why not? Because this U hires consultants to tell highly paid people what they should know in the first place. Because this U has no credible leadership.

Wouldn’t it be cool if students at Crowder and Cottey were dually enrolled in selected programs and we knew those students would flow onto our rolls? Wouldn’t it be cool if Southern was a destination, and not a resignation?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be Jewell?


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