You are now free to fuck over the employees

Coffee, tea, or a shit sandwich?

Remember the hope?

Before the Higher Learning Commission’s Focused Visit Team left Joplin air space? When we all thought that the sham that this administration tries to portray as shared governance might be exposed? When one employee without tenure who saw his classes for next fall listed as “staff” called the Speck administration the most closed, censoring administration ever?

Remember when it was all so open?

When Rob Yust held budget town halls about how the shit was going to hit the fan and we needed these reserves to weather the storm? When we said, “We never got this information before, thank you?”

Well, the reserves aren’t for you or your jobs. They are for consultants and other bullshit. And all that openness sure went away when the feces actually reached the blades, didn’t it?

Where are those town hall meetings now?


2 Responses to You are now free to fuck over the employees

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    Consultants? I wonder how many of them will turn into VP’s? How many VP’s have been hired/fired/hired over the last couple of years? It seems like anybody who is willing to do exactly as they are told gets to be one. Oh yeah, and they have to have a strong back to hold up to all the bending over they are expected to do.

  2. B.J.Honicutt says:

    The Consultants won’t turn into VPs because they, the consultants are getting HALF A MILL to give Bruce what he should already have .. a CLUE about running a 4-yr liberal arts university!

    There is never enough money for teachers or academics, but there’s always enough for (shall we say it together?) FOOTBALL! and CONSULTANTS and additional ADMINISTRATORS …

    There is no money crisis. There’s a brains crisis. There’s a balls crisis. There’s a gumption crisis. There’s certainly a crisis of judgement in the paneled offices of Hearns Hall! One poor guy is only partly there when he’s there, humping bravely away at the #2 job in between naps and hot soup; and the other, #1, has his untrimmed head so far up his waddling little ass he may never get his fedora back!

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