We have stayed quiet because…

No one at Missouri Southern knows what the hell is going on with the Bored of the Governors.

Speculation is dangerous, but when you operate in back rooms with “no action taken,” Sherry Baby, you invite the rumors to build.

Here are the top speculations about the super secret confab/Mob meeting Tuesday. At least those that have reached Watch headquarters:

  • RTV got chastised for releasing his email/list. He was explicitly told to shut the fuck up. He can’t help himself. He got a swat on his bottom.
  • Someone really fucked up bad. How does the Bored manage the damage when it breaks? And by breaks we mean when someone drives up in a limo, leaves the incontrovertible evidence at the feet of the Joplin Globe, they try to avoid it and an intern posts it online by mistake. After which The Chart facebook account will post the news like they knew the whole time.
  • They are firing lots of motherfuckers. And they need to manage their message. Which is easy. Invite Michael Beatty and lock RTV in a janitor’s closet with duct tape over his mouth.
  • A fired employee is suing the U. This would have been under a different exception to the Sunshine Law.

What really bothers us is that they are doing that closed doors shit again. Two to three years of Yust, “Ice” and Gibson budget summits washed down the drain. All the “Here is how it is. It is more information than you have ever have gotten before” shit is exposed.

NOW is when we need transparency, assholes and ice queens.

Instead, they will try to bury it within the Bored retreat. But that doesn’t have to work. One year, some agents of the press dared to crash a retreat at the Speck residence. They were escorted to the basement while administrators, Bored members and guests dined on shrimp and thumbed their noses at open government, shared governance and anyone who ever said “Wait a minute.”

Everything old is probably new again.


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