Turner Report sees through Speck’s info control

The Turner Report, the newsie blog that everyone reads and no one admits reading, takes a shot at The Chart and Bruce Speck this morning.

Turner links to a Chart-branded newscast. The show is not produced by The Chart staff, but rather is a KGCS product using the Chart name. And we all know what kind of “journalism” KGCS produces. Nothing against the campus TV outlet, but it doesn’t exactly probe and dig and investigate. But then neither does The Chart these days.

It is an interesting concept, but we fear it is another move to eliminate the college newspaper. As long as The Chart exists, RTV and Odious Motherfucker fear that another aggressive editor like Alexandra Nicolas and Brennan Stebbins  might emerge and start asking questions again. They can’t have that. So they are doing this.

The next step will be to say they are going into the future by going digital and eliminating the print product. Note, though, that the Chart website hasn’t been updated for months and KGCS is more a technical and production vehicle than a journalism one. KGCS is also working with what one Watch staffer told us are “museum pieces” for equipment.

With no one left to ask questions, the game is over. And that is just what Speck wants. Turner sees it. We see it. We guess you do, too.



2 Responses to Turner Report sees through Speck’s info control

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    OMG Lets just say the Chart TV News personalities need practice. LOTS of practice. TONS of practice. ENORMOUS AMOUNTS of practice.

  2. Foofram says:

    That was very tactfully put, OOTD (if I may call you OOTD).

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