Hello, I’m Bruce. Hi, Bruce. I have no clue.

Fuck you. I got mine.

Knowing you have no clue is the first step to recovery, Dr. Speck.

The following is Dr. Bruce W. Speck, president of Missouri Southern State University and poet of reknown trimming your jobs before he dies on the front page of The Chart.

“I have got to either cut or add revenue somehow. So one way to add revenues is when we have the tuition increase; that goes in there. That’s $600,000. Then you talk about cutting, so what do we do? We say, ‘Well, what can we cut around here?’ What expenses do we have?

That’s the process we’re going through now. We’ve had the campus give us a long list of suggestions. We’re in the process now. We’ve already gone through the first step, which is to go through that list and say, ‘What looks like we can get it done immediately?’ and then ‘What are the things we got to have more information on and figure out long term?’ We’ve now got the immediate part, and we’re starting to look at this list, we’ve got to narrow that down…that’s what we’re going to do this week. We’re going to sit down and assign dollar values, then we’ll come back, probably next week, and say, ‘O.K., here are the dollar values.’

Now, what does that add up to?

Because you’ve got to have a list over here that says, ‘O.K., we have $600,000 here, we have $100,000, where are we?’ We exhaust all that, and if it comes down to the fact that we’ve got $1.5 million that we’ve covered, we stillĀ  have $200,000 we’ve got to find somewhere.”

How about your housing allowance, asshole?


5 Responses to Hello, I’m Bruce. Hi, Bruce. I have no clue.

  1. Fedup says:

    Funny how Speck wont give up his housing allowance or free car to help with the budget.

  2. Lady Chatterley says:

    Speck even has the University reiimburse him for his car washes.

  3. Anyone listening? says:

    Peter Principle. No vision. No leadership. Here is leadership from an INTERIM president in the same circumstances who knows how to lead and communicate:

    Wish MSSU had even an interim president.

  4. Foofram says:

    Our interim president’s predecessor, Dr. One-and-done, used to have the University reimburse him for lunches he ate in the student cafeteria while the kids called him “Uncle Jimmy” and asked to kiss his bowtie.

  5. BrokeStudent says:

    What about your 5 million dollar remodel of the administration building which includes your NEW OFFICE?

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