Here it is, your moment of Zen

Soon I won't have to shovel this shit.

This cannot be real.

The fucking Onion News Network couldn’t write this shit. Here is the press release from probably the most depressing, gut-punching, we-are-so-fucked-from-Sunday Bored of the Governors meeting of all time.

Really? How do you write this shit with a straight face?

JOPLIN, MO (SNS) – The Board of Governors of Missouri Southern State University received a plaque of appreciation from the Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity (JAHH)  for scholarships MSSU is offering children of the 10 homes constructed last fall.

JAHH Board President Richard Crow and JAHH Executive Director Scott Clayton made the presentation.

When the keys were turned over to the 10 families last November, MSSU presented four-year tuition scholarships to the 24 children living in the homes.

Representatives from the organization’s Board and some family members were on hand for the presentation.

Also today, Board of Governors took action to deal with a reduction in funding from the State of Missouri.

Also today? Also today?

You useless fucks are riding this tornado tragedy to bury layoffs and tuition hikes? Enjoy your Lake of Fire houses, gang. Fire and fucking brimstone. You are going to hell.


One Response to Here it is, your moment of Zen

  1. one of the downtrodden says:

    Not to mention that RTV has been riding that tornado train to try pulling his OWN reputation, on and off campus, out of the toilet. Some are being taken in by it but the majority still know what he is.

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