We aren’t reporters, but we play one on TV

We have heard that the latest Presidunce Council reading assignment is a book by Robert C. Dickeson.

We don’t know if it is this book, but we are going to go out on a limb and say it probably is. And what else are we going to do? We are going to buy the book and read it and try to glean what RTV, OM and the rest plan to do to you.

How many shitty, smartass blogs would do that? Not many.

What we find hilarious is that when faculty seem concerned, they are framed as out-of-touch academics. Yet when faced with a budget problem, the administration of Rich Tenor Voice runs to, well, academics. Intellectuals. People with brains.

We don’t know what Dickeson is about. And we don’t know what he suggests. But we are going to find out before we trim our nails before we die.


One Response to We aren’t reporters, but we play one on TV

  1. Marcia says:

    And you should read it, as it’s being used to allow administrators at many universities all over the country to make sweeping program cuts and layoffs and say “See! It wasn’t us–but this book says this is how to save money!” And they will talk about tuition being high, but go and research Dickeson’s other clients, and the tuitions just keep going up and up while the administration socks money “away”–for what? Check out what’s happening right now at Columbia College Chicago since “Prioritization” began last June. Try our website AlbersforChair.org which shows you exactly the kind of thing this book will lead to. Also, try the Facebook group Concerned About Columbia Prioritization. Get informed before it’s too late.

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