Arrogant PSU fan misses the point

Nice date, dude.

The Watch received the following comment to our post about how Southern is missing the moral mark by continuing to cut vital academic areas and only considering trimming athletics as a last resort.

Here is the comment with our replies in bold italic. Please follow the jump. This asshat is hilarious.

Sitting in a comfortable L&P Center Wednesday night, I spoke with a Southern fan who told me about this website. Having spent some time this evening reading back through the history, I couldn’t resist replying to this post.

First, as a PSU fan, I agree with you 100 percent. Bring back Julio Leon. He was the best thing ever for PSU in regards to Southern athletics. Thanks to his long tenure, Southern athletics, aside from the L&P Center, are still operating like it’s the early 1980′s. The exceptions are Corn’s program, track and cross country teams, which are also guided by a long-tenured coach. And thanks to Julio of the Ivory Keys, Southern is undefeated vs. PSU in head-to-head piano competition.

Obviously you have a problem with Julio Leon. That is between you and Leon. The piano competition was a premier event and that cannot be refuted. It was known throughout the world’s musical circles and it cost the university near nothing.

Under Leon, MSSU underwent unprecedented growth physically (buildings) and in enrollment. The university established an international mission and it was Leon who conceived and birthed the Health Sciences Building. These are facts.

Is this about athletics? Is it about the piano competition? Focus, man. Focus.

We can’t be certain, but your tone makes us wonder if his name were Hugh Jones, you would feel differently. You come off as a bit of an asshole at best, and at worst a ethnocentric bigot.

Second, your neighbor state schools (Kansas in this case) does not allow one penny toward athletic department funds. Not one. Athletics at Hays, Emporia and Pittsburg (as well as KSU, KU and WSU) are privately funded, including scholarships. Donors, sponsors, season ticket sales, corporate sponsors, luxury box sales, concessions and overall ticket sales fund these programs. So go ahead and take the moral high ground, cut athletics before academics. Shall we place a bet on the enrollment decline, would you prefer percentage or overall number?

As opposed to the moral low ground? We ain’t saying gut the whole thing. There are options. Eliminate football and brand MSSU as a basketball school? Join the NAIA or a lesser conference where the school could be competitive?

And hey, if athletics was self-sufficient that would be a moot point. But it isn’t here and that is our point.

We were at L&P this week, too. We had a great time. But money is tight and academics are more important. Period.

We notice you identified yourself as a PSU FAN. You didn’t say graduate. Perhaps you are a lunk-head jock and the last book you read said “Marvel” on the cover. PSU also has an excellent academic reputation.

Third, before you throw academics back at me, let’s not get into a comparison of academic all-Americans or academic all-MIAA numbers between PSU and MSSU. Just don’t. If you want to compare academic programs head-to-head, bring it on.

No need. We agree. We want Southern to focus on what it does well and put horribly diminished resources there.

Finally, please understand my intention is not to appear as an arrogant PSU fan. Too fucking late.  Bottom line, the MIAA is a better league and the MSSU/PSU rivalry is much better when Southern is competitive. Of course it is. Southern hasn’t sniffed a football conference title in nearly two decades. I would like to see Southern find a way to upgrade its facilities, to be more competitive and come into the current century on how athletic departments operate. We would, too. We hope  Jo Jo Jesus gets the money for the Plaster complex. But at what cost? Northeast is getting it done; Western is getting done; Central has been getting it done for years; no more excuses Southern. Fact is, the bar is rising fast in the MIAA, Western has an indoor practice facility, Hays and Pittsburg are getting indoor practice facilties. At the current pace, by the time Southern upgrades its facilties, it will be to the standards set a decade ago, and Southern will STILL be behind the times.  Again, at what cost? The time for those costly improvements was in the 1990s when appropriations were rising. Horse. Barn. Out.

In conclusion, I would not be a true PSU fan without praising Southern for one detail; I think it is the nicest thing in the world that Southern students would help market and promote its rival by making shirts with the name Pitt State on them. Thank you, we appreciate your support. GoRillas.

Now you’re just being a dick.



One Response to Arrogant PSU fan misses the point

  1. Andrea says:

    I wonder how many students at MSSU are like I was: I went to that school (when it was still a great school, late ’90s, and I hate seeing what has happened to it). But I didn’t give a shit about football or any athletics there. Neither did anyone I know. I’m obviously not a sports fan, but it didn’t seem like anyone was really into it. A few years later I went to PSU for grad school (some very good programs there, BTW). Completely different culture there. Mostly the undergrads seemed to really believe that football and other sports were important. I don’t know how people get like that.

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