Here it is, your moment of Zen

Great opportunity. Not that The Chart would notice, understand or ask.

We shit you not.

This was actually a passage in the Jan. 27 edition of The Chart. We missed it, but a reader passed it on. And it is hilarious. This is exactly how it appeared:

Athletics Director Jared Bruggeman drew attention to  Julie Wengert, assistant athletic director of compliance, and her acceptance into a program called Pathways.

“It’s a 12-month program and does involve a lot of different types of meetings around the country, including mentoring from an athletic director from a different university, as well as different sessions around the country,”  Bruggeman said.


What the fuck does the program hope to accomplish? The Chart said the NCAA will pay Wengert’s expenses, so it must have some value. But we don’t get that information from The Chart. We just get the Jared-speak, which is like watching a roomful of same-gender cats fuck each other. Crazy and without a purpose.

But Jared isn’t to blame. Nathan Mills, Chart editor-in-laziness is.

A Google search for “NCAA and pathways” gives us an answer.

The program is designed to open a path for women and minorities to positions as directors of athletics. But we have to do our own homework to find out this nugget. All we get from The Chart is shit about meetings.

This could be an incredible thing for Wengert and MSSU and Mills tacked it on at the end of a crap story about a meeting he would have rather skipped, we guess.

And a reader found the answer to the question Mills never asked. And passed it on to a crazy blog. THAT is how newspapers go out of business.


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