Remember when they used to ask questions in WH 333?

Woodward? Bernstein? Aren't they bartenders at Kitchen Pass?

The great thing about college reporters is the administration can’t shut them up or fire them. They can investigate without risk.

We wish they would again.

Here is a great idea that The Watch would do if we were a student reporter:

Football coach salaries. The information is public record. The U is about to get a nut punch from Jefferson City in the form of appropriations cuts. The Lions just turned over a complete coaching staff. Wouldn’t it be interesting to request all the football coaches contracts and the 2011 contracts of those that weren’t retained. Compare the salaries. Are we paying more for our Daye coaches than we were for Tatum’s coaches?

If we are, justify that when you talk about increased class sizes, cutting programs, instituting furloughs, raising tuition, etc.

For instance, according to the 2009-10 Missouri Blue Book, Bart Tatum made $85,696. His brother, and assistant coach, made $34,278. Daye, then the defensive coordinator, made $55,702. Offensive coordinator Matt Karleskint made $40,706.


All this information is readily available online. We just pulled it up in minutes in our snuggie while watching Toddlers and Tiaras. It ain’t a lot of work. To get the new staff’s salaries, you take a form requesting their contracts to DDK at INhumanE Resources, wait two days, pay photocopying fees, and compare.

Then you set up an interview with Rob Yust, RTV and LL Cool J-Red and ask WTF?

Guess who?

And we aren’t even journalists. But we’re pretty sure the sports department is busy sniffing jockstraps at the Cardinal Carivan or something.

And since we know you  guys are reading us:

Julio Leon.


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