They’re checking it twice…

You know how the doctor tells expectant mothers to have a packed suitcase ready? Well we all better keep a bankers box or two in our offices.

This is directed to Presidunce Council and the Stalinesque Director of INhumane resources:

We know you have a list. We have it from inside your circle. We know the list is long and we know you  are prioritizing it by potential for us to cause trouble (Hanrahan, Hilgendorf) and what you think you can get away with (Kroll) and who you can force to run for the hills because this place is so sick. (Coltharp, Jay Moorman, and even Brad Kleindl).

Just tell people you don’t want them. It beats the heck out of us vomiting from worry before we leave for work each day. But you won’t do that because you are all chicken shits.

Back to addressing you, dear readers.

Keep your workspace Spartan. You don’t want to have to linger when Ken Kennedy plays flying monkey to DDK of the West. One employee says we just need to keep our head down keep quiet. There hasn’t been this depressing a workplace since the one Tom Hanks toiled in in Joe vs. the Volcano.

We have thoughts about some people who might be on the list. Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts on who is on the list. If you want to justify or explain why, please do. It can be our own little “Dead Pool.”


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