Krollin’ with the punches

Dr. Joann Kroll was AJ Anglin’s first hire.

Think about that. He can’t rub the Speck administration’s Julio Leon “talisman.” This was his call, his baby, all the way. And remember when he praised her glories?

Anglin came in two weeks before Kroll as a walk-in candidate to replace Brad Kleindl who had had enough of being a dickhead wanted to “return to the classroom.” Kleindl followed Jack Oakes, who couldn’t look “my colleagues, your colleagues” in the eye under the Speck leadership model.

Anglin immediately embraced Kroll. He commented for a June 29, 2010 university press release:

“We are extremely pleased with Dr. Kroll’s selection for this important position at Missouri Southern,” Dr. Anglin said. “We feel this seasoned professional will contribute immensely to our master’s degree programs and expanding our online offerings,” he added.

The July 2010 Staff Senate minutes illustrate more Anglin support for Kroll.

“He (Anglin) mentioned the newly developed position of Dean of Graduate Studies and Life Long Learning which in his opinion will “ratchet up to a new level” the learning experience at MSSU. Dr. Joann (Jo) Kroll has 25 years experience and has a funding and business approach to program enhancement and improvements.”

The Joplin Globe of the same day outlined the newly created dean position.

“The position is new to the university and pays $90,000 a year. The creation of such a post was among the recommendations in the university’s strategic planning procedure,” Surber said.

A September 2010 story by Brennan Stebbins in The Chart piqued our interest and got us wondering about interest here in a for-profit model.

“Kroll, who earned a doctorate in education management from the University of West Florida, said she has been involved in higher education for nearly 25 years. After working in the Texas A&M and University of Arizona systems, Kroll said she became interested in the trend of for-profit education.

“I was very curious as to why businesses like Goldman Sachs and huge corporations were wanting to get into higher education so I decided the best way to learn was to be on the inside,” she said, which led her to take a position on the East coast with Education Management Corporation.”

Why is Jo Kroll, Anglin’s golden girl, suddenly gone? What could be gleaned from a good, old-fashioned investigation? And where is the progress once promised?

One thing is clear in this: Kroll was not a product of the previous administration. She was a Speck/Anglin hire.

And this latest episode begs a question. If you are losing department heads, deans and vice presidents at this rate to resignation or dismissal, how effective is this administration?

The positions for Dr. Mark Parsons and Kroll were created for them. They were the first hires. They didn’t last two years. Bruce’s first self-selected VPAA lasted 17 days. After that was resolved, the business dean job became a hot-potato.

Great foundation you have going here, RTV.


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