An open letter to Sherry Buchanan

Dear Ms. Buchanan,

Let us begin by thanking our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, that you are not Dwight Douglas. We would not wish such a fate on anyone.

Dr. Sherry Buchanan

With that out of the way, we wish to address you about an important matter considering the governance of Missouri Southern State University.

Bruce W. Speck is an assclown. And his administration is fluctuating between a joke and an embarrassment.

If you care to look back at the 2009 vote of no confidence, you will see that the faculty had a point. That is why the Board ordered Bruce to stop “getting on the front page.” But his reign of error continues, however silent.

Look at turnover in the past few weeks.

Glenn Coltharp leaves for Crowder. Rod Surber is reassigned. Erik Hilgendorf is escorted off campus by security. Jo Kroll just disappears.

And the VPAA says Coltharp might as well be dead.

Isn’t something wrong? Shouldn’t you ask some questions?

You could be the governor to have the courage to say, “This isn’t going in the right direction.” You could be the person who brings this campus back together.

We are not blowing smoke here. This is not our typical rant. This campus is steeped in paranoia and fear. That is not hyperbole.

If you read this or it is forwarded to you, take this under advisement. The university’s best people are demoralized and scared and looking for a way out.

Governors like to talk about the world beyond academia. Fine. Does that sound like a good business atmosphere?


2 Responses to An open letter to Sherry Buchanan

  1. Bill Trotter says:

    I would believe that everyone who has maintained contact with MSSU over the past few years would heartily agree with this plea to Sherry Buchanan. NOW is the time to rid the university of Speck, Anglin, and all of the vice presidents. The timing is crucial. These must go and replacing them will be somewhat easy in the immediate future and somewhat more difficult in the long run. There are talented, capable people on campus, in the area, and even among the governors who could take reigns of responsibility and make MSSU a haven for quality teaching and give the campus an air of serenity and understanding of what shared governance really means. I urg those who agree with me to write to Southern Watch, to Sherry Buchanan, and to all the governors. This madness must end NOW.

  2. unhappy alum says:

    I absolutely agree. This circus has gone on long enough. We alumns who have been following the events are disgusted, and several that I know of have vowed not to donate a penny as long as this mess continues. You’re losing money, MSSU! At this point, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone that attending Southern is a good idea.

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