AJ Anglin and Dale Carnegie. We get them confused.

How about that Administrative Council?

AJ Anglin?

It is like a real Comedy Central roast in there.

“Did you hear about AJ?”



Now before you call us ageist pricks, consider this. We have been told he said in front of the entire Administrative Council in attendance that Glenn Coltharp “might as well be dead.”

Here is how the narrative goes:

AJ gives his report and tells the group that Coltharp is “no longer with us.” Some in the room don’t know he has taken a VP job at Crowder College and the phrase has them concerned.

Darren Fullerton, observing this, clarifies that Coltharp is not dead, but is the new VPAA at Crowder.

What follows is Al Campanis like.

“He might as well be dead,” or words to that effect. From the MSSU chief academic officer. About a long-serving former dean.

Glenn Coltharp is like the elementary principal that met the school buses at the front door of the school every morning. Goofy ties, sincere and always moral.

AJ Anglin is the guy that takes your Christmas candy the minute the carolers leave and locks you under the stairs.

What an odious motherfucker.


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