This administration is brought to you by the letters F and U

Can you tell us how to get, how to get to Sodomy Street?

Really? How long will you guys take it up the old dirt road? How many times can you hear “Brown-eyed Girl” at a Karaoke bar and not want to go postal?

How many roads of no respect must you walk down before they call you a man, woman, LGBT person?

We are going here off the top of our heads. Act like a math teacher and correct our work. But…Faculty and staff last got a non-Evergreen raise as a group in The Year of Our Leon 2007. And how has the good old administration fared?

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

The upper crust has done well. And like Popes adding cardinals, Bruce has insulated himself with those who “owe” him.

Example one: Darren Fullerton. A vice president for student affairs is created. We had one in years past, sure. But did we need that AND  a dean of students? A net +1. Aside: The new Dean of Students has a terminal degree. His boss doesn’t.

Example two: The Missouri Southern Foundation. Julio H. Leon. Here is the fun. Follow us. We shitcan a former fighter pilot, jettison a former senior VP who became a foundation person, hire a bloated new VP at a six-figure salary (who bails fairly quickly), create two new positions and raise jack shit. We count the Plaster gift to athletics as a positive. We count the matching requirements as an impossibility. A net +2

Example three: Rod Surber will soon be the “director of web development” or some such shit. Fine. But that is a new position. And his old job, director of university relations and bullshit, is posted. And we have to pay that person, too. New position created. Net +1

And we contend that athletics has increased staff, too. Yet the library is under-funded, teachers aren’t being hired and the rich keep getting richer.


One Response to This administration is brought to you by the letters F and U

  1. Bill Trotter says:

    So many resignations! So many firings! So many “re-assignments”! Is there no end to these, or is there any hope for a return of optimism, good feelings, pride, and quality education? Why don’t the “right” people resign–the ones who seemingly run the place into the ground. We who once loved Missouri Southern and had pride in our degrees now wonder if that pride can ever be restored. Yes, the foundation person who is to solicit the big bucks (minimum $10,000) will have to travel nationally–to places that have never heard of Missouri Southern or of its current disgrace. Will the governors not realize what is really happening? Will they not realize that funding is not that big of a problem. Get ride of the prez, the vps (all of them), and most of your troubles will go away.

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