There are some things a pig just won’t do…

And once again Missouri Southern is a big punch line.

That famous punch line to many jokes we used as a headline sums up perfectly today’s posting of Rod “Reassignment” Surber’s old job. Would you want this job piling this administration’s shit higher and deeper? Wait. It isn’t a VP slot? You might actually need a Phd? Oh, never mind. But would you want this job? Really?

Holy Julio. Surber pitched their line for five years in the face of sometimes vicious media inquiries and pushback. And he gets sent to Al Stadler purgatory. Which needs some work, BTW. On the same page as the posting for Surber’s old job is this gem. The U is looking for a new “Campus Clard Service Center Clerk

That’s right, sports fans. You can be helping students with their “Campus Clards.” Flucking A. We are all hlard thinking about applying for tlhat.

Why ain’t we a bit surprised?


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