Right size this, Bruce

That didn’t take long.

Testing Coordinator Erik Hilgendorf got the full Kennedy. That’s right. Ken the Bald stood over mild-mannered, loyal soldier, perceived butt kisser Erik Hilgendorf this morning while he put his personal possessions in a box and surrendered his building key.

Here is what we have heard:

Hilgendorf and others supposedly noticed some irregularities in the handling of money. They brought it to the attention of their superiors and they got canned. For doing their job and trying to look out for the university.

Who knows. Maybe nothing fishy was going on at all. But if something looks fishy, shouldn’t good employees — loyal employees — say, “Hey, wait a minute. This just doesn’t look good. You might want to look at this.”?

Not at Missouri Southern. In Bruce World, that is a fireable offense.

This Presidunce Council’s ethics makes Penn State look like Souls Harbor.

Of course, they aren’t going to tell him he is canned because he might have noticed another colossal fuck up that would get RTV and his collection of asshats more bad coverage. They said it was because he used former university employees to proctor tests like the ACT. Never mind that that was (note past tense) his job. And we are pretty sure that the testing company pays those wages.

Oh, yeah. One of those he couldn’t keep around was Warren Turner. Turner coached baseball here for about a gazillion years. He kept Joe Becker Stadium playable. His players gave to Joplin more than any other program. But he was supposed to cut Turner loose like a broken fungo bat.

Funny thought: Won’t the U need Warren Turner’s contacts and fund-raising acumen to build the new baseball stadium that should be named Turner Field?

Yeah. This guy has kids. Bruce, you're a prick.

Here is the deal. This is straight up shit. All of you who are running scared need to stop, turn around and start throwing shit in the face of this collection of idiots. To paraphrase Casablanca, “Even Nazis can’t kill that fast.”

Who will be next?

Rod Surber gets to stay around, but his loyalty was rewarded with a “reassignment.” Hilgendorf seemed to be the consumate team player. And he is extracted from his office like a criminal (have him teach art or accounting).

If these guys are getting assassinated like mob hits, how safe do YOU feel? How safe do any of us feel?


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