Yes. The bitch is back.

You need a towel, friend?

From the Associated Press:

“He said the university will consider a range of options, including employee furloughs, restructuring degree programs and offering more courses electronically.

“We can’t continue to whack here and whack there, we really need to think about how higher education is going in Missouri and how we need to adapt to that environment,” Speck said.”

Enjoy your furlough.


4 Responses to Yes. The bitch is back.

  1. Leo the Lion says:

    State wants to whack $3.2 million from each state school; I guess BS idea to adapt and overcome is to reduce and eliminate. Easier to cut than get creative?

    Don’t we still need several million for the football complex and on campus baseball stadium?

    We should have leased out the southwest 40 to FEMA for trailers (moneymaker) and opened up campus catering to make more $$$.

  2. unhappy alum says:

    Forget the football complex and stadium! Right now the focus needs to be on retaining academic staff, and quality of education. Trim down the administration, trim down the athletic department, is it a school or a recreation center?

  3. Kate says:

    Amen, unhappy alum!!!

  4. Garson Lazenby Kitt-Philips says:

    I personally know of six faculty, among the best on campus, entertaining offers to leave, and why not? The brass here doesn’t appreciate faculty, regardless of how much lip service is paid! MSSU expects to pick up a truckload of amateurs down at the labor hall, unemployables who have washed up on the beach, and plug them into crappy online courses, and charge a premium to unsuspecting students to grind out degrees for a fee! Southern will become a division of Vatterot! And the board will give Speck a ticker tape parade and a $50,000 raise. I told ya so!

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