Does any of this sound familiar?

We got this via email from, of all people, T.R. Hanrahan. We asked him if we could use his name. He said he didn’t give a shit.

The adviser at East Carolina University got fired because his students published a photo of a dick. Even though if he had prevented it, he would have violated Federal law and the students’ Constitutional rights. Which would have made him, well, kind of a dick.

“It was wrong last April and it is wrong this January,” Hanrahan said in his email reply.

Here are some of the eerie similarities between Hanrahan’s assassination and Paul Isom’s at East Carolina (all of this is from the news story):

A statement from the university released at 12:20 on Thursday said officials would not comment further as it is a personnel matter.

“They told me they wanted to go in a different direction,”  (emphasis ours) Isom, who has been at ECU since 2008, said. “They were very cautious not to give me a real reason.”

At the time, Isom said he knew the student paper had nude streaker photos but that he legally is not allowed to interfere with students’ editorial decisions. Legal precedent holds that student newspapers at state universities have the same first amendment freedoms as professional newspapers.

“Ideally administrators understand the role of student newspapers as part of learning about journalism,” Isom said. “At ECU, it’s hard to say. There doesn’t seem to be any understanding of that here.”

One Watch staffer said, “I learned more from T.R. in one year than I did from anyone else in five.”

We suspect the same could be said for Isom.

The only dicks we see here are the Presidunce Council and now East Carolina University.


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