The “OK, Watch this Shit” award

This one goes to someone who got screwed, blewed and tattooed.

Have you ever really watched Robert Corn? The guy is a freak of nature. He is a Missouri Southern grad. He played basketball here. He has a, well, temper.

Always reaching for the best.

But you know what else he has? The biggest heart ever. And balls. And those are not of the stress variety, LL Cool J-Regift.

There was a hot little debate at Watch headquarters at Kitchen Pass about this and the Coach of the Year one. What swayed it into a “both come home with hardware” situation was the following exchange:

Watch staffer 1: “It has to be Corn. Look at the Lions!”

Watch staffer 2: “But Woolard had to overcome more.”

Watch staffer 3: “You guys watch football? There is what is called a “fuck-you drive.” One team scores and the other team says, “OK, fuck you. Here we come.” Robert Corn has been executing a fuck-you drive ever since he lost his title and his parking space. And it is pretty hard to argue with success or dismiss a coach with a national ranking.”

So Corn basically said, “Watch this Shit.”  Skyler Bowlin went to Europe and this team won anyway. Isn’t that cool?

You can’t regift that. So we gave him his own award. And we think it is a way cool one.


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