The Howard Beale Award

Jesus Christ.

We know not everyone has seen the movie “Network.” But you really should. That shit is hilarious and so relevant. Well, anyway, in the film, character Howard Beale says all the shit that is on his mind. He basically throws his filter in the toilet.

Meet Stephen Schiavo.

You want some of this shit?

This son of a bitch is apparently mad as hell and doesn’t want to take it anymore.

In December, Schiavo said the following in an issue of The Chart:

“Any of us on the staff in Dwight’s (Douglas) days who saw how the Board (of governors) members treated the representatives of the faculty who had been invited to make a case can’t possibly be shocked, with the exception for some old McCarthy hearings or something like that. I think we should go on record and say we really abhor people being discourteous to speakers who we invited and so forth, and for heaven’s sakes we should restrain ourselves, but on the other hand, we’re, most of us, big kids. If the topic that you have to discuss is a lightning rod, if you go before a bunch like the faculty per se, you should expect to get shocked. Get over it. Which of us has not been at a hearing where you have been lambasted by somebody at a level far in excess of what he thought necessary at the time? But I’ve never been hospitalized for it.”

Normally, we like brevity. But those 159 words Schiavo took to call LL Cool J-Regift a pussy are priceless. And we don’t know if it was accidental or intentional or accidental on purpose or what, but reporter Nathan Carter running this quote in total was classic. Schiavo obviously just went off and Carter let the whole thing speak for itself.

Freaking classic.


One Response to The Howard Beale Award

  1. Agnes Mae Dunwoody says:

    SS is also the guy who confronted BS over his threats of retaliation. I think it was a senate meeting when Brucie was whining about people implying he was a vindictive SOB who would pounce on any staffer who didn’t support his plan (when he ever gets a plan). He asserted that he welcomed debate and had never given cause for such suggestions. SS corrected him, pointing out that when he brags about having been a playground bully, and threatens to ship his opponents to Cambodia, people might see in him a vengeful, petty, dickless martinet. (Well, I don’t recall if it was in those words, exactly.)

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