End-of-year awards start now

Welcome to The Watchsters.

We are going to honor some, heap derision on others and generally have a good time being snarky assholes.

Our first Watchster award is for Coach of the Year.

And the envelope is opened and the name is: Alese Woolard.

The right hire. Right from the fucking start.

The soccer coach didn’t rate an interview back in July 2010 when Dwight Burgess was named Lions’ head coach. And then Burgess immediately quit. Woolard had taken a teaching job, signed a contract and got out of it to help Southern save some face. Then she took them this year to the MIAA post-season championship match.

And she never publicly complained about what colossal assholes her new bosses are/were for not even considering her until their “great hire” turned to shit.  She just did what a loyal alumnus of the soccer program (’05) should do. She set about to developing fine soccer players and young people.

And believe us, during that hire, Alese got shit on. She sucked it up, came on board and led these women on a fantastic late-season run in her second year at the helm. That, motherfuckers, is the heart of a Lion.


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