Career Asshat Award

From this day forward, this award will be named for its initial recipient.

Pleased to meet you. Have you guessed my name?

The envelope is opened and the award goes to: Dwight Douglas

The original horse’s ass. The Grand Dickhead. The Ass with no Class. The Prick of Slick. This guy is the fucker of your mother. He has more nicknames than Apollo Creed and he is more dangerous.

Christ. The vote wasn’t even close.

Has anyone ever attended/watched a Bored of the Governors meeting when this tool that would make Craftsman blush didn’t engage in a self-important monologue/diatribe? Shit, he and RTV are so close that when one takes a shit, the other wipes his ass.

DD has cut a swath through multiple boards with universally bad results. Thanks for rolling into Joplin with a Missouri State vanity plate and fucking up everything good.

One Response to Career Asshat Award

  1. Joe blow says:

    Hear, hear! May we never again be subject to the monstrous ego and twisted viewpoints of “Little Napoleon”. Good riddance to you!

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