Asshat of the Year

This is like walking up to the bar on your twenty-first birthday. What to order? So many choices and possibilities.

Well the Casa Montez tequila helps.

Anglin. See also: Asshole

The envelope is opened and the winner is: AJ Anglin

Just the absolute contempt this motherfucker (sorry, that IS the right word) shows faculty after his bullshit of “I want you to evaluate me” and all his soft-spoken half-truths and outright untruths make him a runaway winner here.

When this category came up, a Watch staffer suggested Bruce. But quickly agreed with another who said, “Bruce is an idiot. AJ is evil.”

How many times at Bored of the Governors meetings did we watch this dickweed throw faculty under the bus, when he is in theory their advocate to administration? How fucked up was his disdain for legitimate concerns from faculty about course redesign? How disgusting is his low-key public face when we know his closed-door face is one of outright rage and bitterness?

We don’t wish anyone harm. But if this asshole could get a flat tire a day for like ever, we could live with that.

What a douche.


One Response to Asshat of the Year

  1. Leo the Lawyer says:

    Can you say “(protected) class action lawsuit for creating a hostile work environment”? Poppy better watch his skinny ass because the day may come when he wishes he could just retire.

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