WTF? Did MSSU re-gift?

How did we miss this?

Did this happen?

The Watch must have had too much Egg Nog or Wassail this weekend to notice this. A reader pointed out that there are apparently two different versions of the Stress Ball. One appears to have “Lions” on its chest and another appears with “MSSU” on its chest. The facial features and mane also appear to have variances.

What is the reason? Why have two separate production runs of a company giveaway? Isn’t that more expensive? Or did the U add insult to injury by having a cache of earlier stress balls hanging around and just augmented the inventory to “show appreciation?”

We are betting on the latter. Readers with stress balls of each style should send front and back photos to The Watch. We will analyze, compare and print our thoughts. We have a theory that one was originally an athletics department operation with remaining inventory on hand. If we are right, “Holy Re-gift, Batman!”

Far out. Just when you think the stress ball fiasco couldn’t get more interesting….


One Response to WTF? Did MSSU re-gift?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The ‘Lions’ is from the website image where you can buy the stress ball and the ‘MSSU’ is the personalized ones that the committee so thoughtlessly purchased.

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