Fight back. Or you just bend over

It is time for the Missouri Southern faculty to fight back again.

Wanna be this guy?

Otherwise, your reading this site and your clandestine social bitch sessions and your legitimate complaints will bear no positive fruit.

The President’s Council is dangerous as hell. It has become a Star Chamber that decides the fate of some people with dispassionate dispatch.

Do you know what a Star Chamber is? Maybe we can help. It was a select group of powerful people. Court sessions were held in secret, with no indictments, no right of appeal, no juries, and no witnesses. Evidence was presented in writing. Over time it evolved into a political weapon, a symbol of the misuse and abuse of power by the English monarchy and courts.

Does that sound like something MSSU has today?

We have heard even some of the foot soldiers are getting time in the rack.

People have been and are being railroaded for no good reason. This Star Chamber continues to operate against good people without check. It is time for the faculty, and especially the Faculty Senate, to lick its wounds and get back in the fight. You got beat once. So what? It is getting worse. Keep fighting.

These Stress Ball (yes he is a proper noun, now) pictures show the disdain you all feel. Don’t make a bunch of people with a smart-ass blog fight your fight. Fight it yourselves. Oh, and professional staff and classified employees: You have a stake in this, too. You can keep living in fear and kissing ass, or you can tell the Staff Senate to have some stones. They already have (stress)balls.

We heard from a reader today who said, “You are all we have left.” Isn’t that fucking pathetic? A renegade blog that relies on sarcasm, satire and profanity is the staff and faculty’s last line of defense.


2 Responses to Fight back. Or you just bend over

  1. Joe says:

    The Faculty Senate had a no confidence vote demonstrating a severe lack of confidence in Speck and were criticized, ridiculed, and ignored by the Board of Governors. The board remains hostile to faculty and clueless about what goes on at MSSU. Virtually everything they hear comes pre-processed from Speck and his sycophants. I would guess most faculty who are aware of what’s going on are hunkered down and doing whatever they can to pursue other opportunities. What would you suggest they do, SW?

    • That is a good question.
      But damn, a second vote would sure be an unprecedented statement.
      But given that and the success of Bruce’s campaign against the faculty, why not employ some of his own playbook. Invite Bored of the Governors members to “listening meetings.” Publicize the sacrifices faculty have made.
      In September 2009, when the Bored gave RTV an extension through June 2011, it was a slap in the face. And Bruce did the right thing by “Going Turtle” and hiding away from the public. An invisible target is indeed hard to hit.
      But a vote on AJ Anglin is clearly in play. And his public comments have asked for it.
      And there are other things the Faculty Senate could ask for. Like contracts. We are betting the MA/MS heavy Presidunce Council is getting PhD work paid for. And you guys don’t get sabbaticals? And a Senate acting as a body has the strength in numbers.
      Just early 2012 brainstorming here.

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