Elephant in the room

With Daryl Daye mania in full swing, we posit some questions that (as usual) the Joplin Globe and the pussified Chart won’t.

Doesn't anyone ask questions anymore?

First, the elephant in the room. Bart Tatum. Is he still on the payroll as a consultant and when does that gravy train end? When he “resigned,” we were told he would be a consultant and would remain on the U’s employee roster until his successor was hired. Well, we have that person inked now. Is Bart still cashing checks?

Second, looking under the hood. This is what we used to love about the old Chart and Assolano’s ballsy moves for the pre-Beatty Globe: open records requests. Somebody please request Daye’s contract. How much is he earning? Is it a pay bump from the Buffalo Bills job? Does it have perks and incentives that kick in? Is he making more than Tatum did?


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