Same song, different verse


Holy shared governance, Charlie Brown!

Sorry. We are really working on that whole cussing/maturity thing. But fuck.

Just when we think the old U has done something right, we get our hopes dashed. Southern’s Presidunce Council is like Lucy van Pelt. They just keep pulling the ball away at the last minute.

What dicks. They might have made the right call in the hiring of Daryl Daye as Lions head football coach, but they did it in their usual fucked up way.

University sources tell The Watch that Daye was the target from the get-go. OK. That is kind of understandable. A lot of the big programs target certain people. And Daye was popular with players and fans when he was here. He has a newly minted NFL pedigree.

But the process was fucked in more ways than a Charlie Sheen goddess.

Our people have been told that not only was DD the predetermined successor to The Texas Tool, that the process was a joke.

We have been told that there were a large number of applications and that among them was an alumnus with NFL playing experience.

Additionally, we have heard that the players involved in the search were recommended by the candidate. The deck was stacked.

Why weren’t finalists named and brought in for interviews?

We have seen this before with VP hires and the selection of a dean for the school of business.

Daye, like JoJo Jesus,  might be the best hire. But the process continues to be corrupt.


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