Shit. Not again.

This has been a weird week or two.

Student journalists crying since 2011

First, we have to side with Ken Kennedy. Now we have to say LL Cool J-Red has a beef.

A Chart columnist just really gave J-Red some street justice last week. And on his way out the door, no less. He was right, but it was wrong to ring and run.

What was worse was the paper’s self-serving editorial about how they are student journalists and people shouldn’t pick on them.

We are sure that was directed at us.

Fuck you. You publish a paper, so we get to yank your chain. You put yourselves out there. You chose this profession or at least “activity.”  And we don’t expect you guys to be the New York Times. Hell, we don’t even expect you to be The Lamar Democrat.

We expect grammatical errors and creative spelling and goofy headlines. We also expect you to cover important shit the best you can. And that isn’t happening right now.

But that is just us measuring junk. Here is the issue at hand: You (through a columnist, granted) called out the athletic director for having “thin skin.” Then you ran an editorial about how you got your feelings hurt.Where we come from, that is called hypocrisy. And that editorial and column would be framed in our office if we were Jared Bruggeman.

There is plenty to cover and plenty upon which to comment. And you chose to pout like a petulant child. Don’t worry. If anyone ever thought you were professional journalists, they don’t now.


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