RTV ain’t the biggest problem

Bruce is a boob.

Sure. He is a buffoon who will sing for attention (unless you are Catholic and performing Andrew Lloyd Weber), but he is just a clown who can’t steer the little car.

AJ Anglin is worse.

In last week’s edition of The Chart, Poppy was seemingly sympathetic to faculty dissatisfaction to shared governance efforts.

“the longer you keep a work force without raising their salaries, the less they are likely to participate.”

He will spin that as being sympathetic to faculty. But it is him calling them greedy.

No, dickbrain, the longer you turn a deaf ear to search committees, Faculty Senate resolutions and votes, the more you “Gilbert” people, the more you ignore established procedures for tenure and promotion, and the more you interfere in department’s and school’s decisions, the less likely they are to participate.

Stephen Schiavo, this semester’s winner of the character trophy said it best.

“Any of us on the staff in Dwight’s days who saw how the board members treated the representatives of the faculty who had been invited to make a case can’t possibly be shocked, with the exception for some old McCarthy hearings or something like that.”

To translate, Schiavo said that when faculty address the Bored, they are fair game for the assholitudes of former Governor Dwight Douglas, Lynn Ewing or any other douche of the day. When LL Cool J-Red or other members of Presidunce Council (Ph.Ds in the minority) speak to the Faculty Senate, they are to be treated with kid gloves.

Schiavo called bullshit. Penn and Teller would be proud.

When an administrative team without a majority with terminal degrees starts playing with academics, the faculty should ask questions.

And Poppy should stop pretending to support them and yet insult them at the same time.

And the Director of Athletics should man up.


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