We will consult, too

Raises in flames

For faculty and staff who wonder how the U continues to add administrators, build atriums to the gods and athletic complex entryways to nowhere, you are looking up the wrong skirt.

The really dirty stuff is the proliferation of consulting fees being paid so the Hearnes Hall Mafia don’t have to do their jobs.

Let’s go with a rundown of current and pending consulting studies. And please correct us, this is just from memory. Because, like The Chart, we aren’t journalists.

  • Strategic Planning Study
  • Master Plan Study
  • Enrollment and Retention Study
  • Additional Proposed Evergreenish Study

And let’s not forget the architectural fees for the “indoor practice facility” and the initial work on the medical school branch.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus A Go Go is allowed to hire a fund-raising consultant. Maybe LL Cool J-Red could be given a consultant on being a candy ass who can’t hold his own against those gang members: The Ph.Ds.

Note: The Presidunce Council cannot help J-Red with this as most of them do not hold Ph.Ds.

Additional note: This one requires a little thought. But isn’t it funny that the best crap in The Fart today was by former staff members/advisers and graduating senior Nathan Carter? Carter called out the AD in no uncertain terms and a former editor said Carter is the only one who “gets it.”


One Response to We will consult, too

  1. George Stepondickolous says:

    It should be a straight-forward test of ACCOUNTABILITY– a term tossed about freely by this administration. Tell us what we spent on consultants since BS arrived, and tell us what we have to show for it. The same could be asked for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary to BS’ appointees — the various vice presidents, directors and others hired on to provide support in an otherwise unappreciative environment. For the Foundation exec who came and went, at, what? $120,000 a year plus plus, how much did he increase our endowment ? For that matter, how much has BS himself increased out endowment? Our prestige? Our academic reputation? Our graduation rate?

    Can anyone make any argument whatever that BS has been worth his $180,000 or so compensation? This test is no more than he would require to justify, say, an academic program, a professor’s salary, or a men’s soccer team.

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