The official paint of Nathan Mills

In a previous post, we mentioned how Fart editor Nathan Mills buried a reported rape on campus.

Well, he finally got around to telling us about it. Kind of. The headline is right out of Rodney Surber’s Ministry of Limited information:

Southern on low end of campus crime

Which is true. And should be reported. But by burying the report of sexual assault under the blanket of avoidance first, and under the whitewash of another story only after we publicly called him out, Mills raises questions.

What else haven’t we heard about?

What more are they hiding?

And, frankly, if we were Ken Kennedy, we would be pissed. Mills made him look bad. Kennedy’s job is to put a positive spin on things. But at least two people have told Watch staff that Kennedy provided the incident report upon request as he is required to do. And no charges were filed. But by shoving the incident report in a drawer, Mills sullied Kennedy with his deceit. It isn’t fair, but it is how the public will read it.

And now, by making an ugly incident a feel-good piece, The Fart shows it is in bed with the university brass. And so the sins of one fall to the other.

Ken, you are still a public relations professional. But you are blameless here.


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