What ya gonna do when they don’t come for you?

Kennedy and Mills

Meet Ken Kennedy, public relations professional. Meet Nathan Mills, public relations professional.

The Watch has heard from three sources that there was some form of a sexual assault on campus this semester. We have been told it was between a couple in a relationship and occurred in a residence hall. We don’t know the details, because no one will report it for public consumption.

We are confident there was an incident. Three people confirmed it.

We missed it in The Chart.

Maybe there was something important on the Associated Press wire. Maybe there was a poetry reading. Maybe they ignored it. Maybe Ken “Clery Act” Kennedy suppressed it.  We don’t know.

But all scenarios suck. If Kennedy buried it, it is bad. If The Chart ignored it or avoided it, it is worse. It shows that school image trumps news and student safety. And it shows the once-aggressive watchdog has been defanged as we predicted.

Imagine the Penn State or Syracuse papers avoiding the uncomfortable.

If this is true, these two guys are negligent in their professional duties.


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