We get all cool with Christ references this time of year

Someone sent us a cool line tonight.

It had to be a post.

“JoAnn Graffam better be a combination of Jesus Christ and Warren Buffett.”

Holy JoJo. That is some good shit. She DOES have to be that. Raising money in a bad economy with uncertainty and a university president who is, quite frankly, embarrassing himself with everyone — including his peers– is an impossible situation.

And Ms. A Go-Go has to do it on a timeline. Has anyone asked about how the campaign is going for the first part of the Plaster athletics complex? Baseball is first. How much we got?

We know Michael Beatty won’t ask. He is crafting the message and kissing ass at center court.

We know The Chart won’t ask. Nathan Mills is busy sandbagging real news.

We sure as hell know LL Cool J-Red won’t say shit. If the money were pouring in, he would be all about it. If it isn’t, he will be like listening to crickets.

Which brings us back to JoJo A GoGo.

Got a plan, hon?

We hope so. Because you are now in the crosshairs. Bart didn’t win because he didn’t have facilities. Let’s go with that. Now you need to raise money for facilities before anyone wins here. Quite a pickle.

Fishes and loaves. Water and wine. Go to work, baby.

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