This is a sad day

Early this morning, two Missouri Southern student athletes lost their lives in a car accident.

Whatever the circumstances — which are not yet clear — this is a tragedy. Most of the time we deal in criticism, satire and toilet humor. For the time being, we deal in mourning.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the young men involved and their families. Loss of life is always tragic. We mourn alongside our university family and suspend our postings until Sunday.



2 Responses to This is a sad day

  1. Leo the Lion says:

    Wow, a two day hiatus. In reality, does this mean you will be taking a 16 day break since your last extended rest (Nov. 18 through Dec. 2) was a mere 14 day lapse?

    Regardless, good call on your end. Have been waiting to read your thoughts on the Tatum Search-and-Replace Squad, the rumors you’re hearing on who will be the next Messiah to have his “day” in the sun and the process in its entirity.

    Look forward to reading your thoughts on the soon-to-be-ranked No. 1 Lions.

    Keep up the good, if not posting often enough for some of us, work.

    • You know what, Leo? You want to take over? We will let you run the show here. The fact is, we are the only fuckers saying anything relevant or asking questions. And we do it when we can. Send us a guest post and we will run that baby. But at least you left a comment. Most won’t. And it’s a shame.
      So really? You going to knock the only outlet screaming in the wilderness because it doesn’t do it enough?
      Why don’t you get in the war with us?

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